This colour will never fade

November 7th, 2013


Vibrant bold reds, hot pink, aqua like the waters of the Whitsundays  – colour and life and energy and enthusiasm and drive – these things characterised my client AND friend Christine.   She gave so many women (and a fair few men) the tools to be better versions of themselves through colour and image – her forte and her passion.


She passed away recently after a long and ugly illness.


More than anything else, listening to her adult children, what they have been through and how much they loved her, was heart warming and so affirming.  She is finally at rest, ‘cured’ of a cruel disease.  


Recreational shooting – trail bike riding – scuba diving – am I covered?

Thursday 1st November 2012


The “trick” with insurance is DISCLOSURE.


If you tell the insurer at the outset about your pastimes they can chose to cover you.  At the outset means – when you first apply for the cover.


When you disclose your pastimes the insurer has the option of offering cover for these activities or offering the cover with an exclusion for these activities.  For some activities, such as playing football, the insurer might offer a choice of an exclusion, a higher premium, or, in the case of income protection, a longer wait just for that activity.


I have recently secured full cover for clients who participate in recreational shooting (small game hunting), trail bike riding and scuba diving – no exclusions and no extra premiums.  Sometimes there are provisos.  For example with diving,  insurers are reluctant to provide cover for night diving, diving in wrecks and pot holes.


If you don’t disclose – and this goes for medical history as well as pastimes – you run the risk of your future claim not being paid.    Who wants that?  


Just what the world needs – another blog!

Monday 22nd October 2012


I seem to say the same thing around this time EVERY year – but – ‘where has this year gone?’  I am very excited to be launching my website.   The Bulletin Board will contain thoughts that may apply to all clients or perhaps, on occasions,  just a section of clients.  Occasionally I will post an interesting and relevant news item. 


I welcome your feedback – feel free to email  


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